The Paradox!

The Paradox!

It is 11 in the night and I’m half sleepy and half awake contemplating my return to my first blog The Paradoc’s Error (TPE) Read my other blog here. I resumed blogging a few days back by reviewing a long-pending book Read the review here.  Evidently, TPE has been turning out to be an epic flop given the zero amount of time I’ve dedicated to it in the last couple of months.

If that wasn’t enough I created this sister blog – mainly for the purpose of making ridiculously personal entries about everything and everyone that tends to cross my mind. Basically, this one is going to be a lot more informal.

P.S. I’m glad that there won’t be any pressure of constantly updating this one to say the least. Haha. Besides I have had this massive realisation that I’m better at random expression of my perceptions and moods and thoughts than the restricted  manner in which I run TPE.

I’ve always been a shy, reserved person to a good 50% of the people I’ve met/known in my life. To the remaining 50% who happen to know me more than what meets the eye, I’m a completely different (read crazy) person. To call me a bundle of contradictions would be an understatement. 

Since this is the forerunning post on this blog, it is so going to be about me. So go on. Read about a complete stranger you couldn’t care less about a.k.a me. 😛

I am a simple yet complicated being, leading a monotonous ordinary life who believes under no circumstances that she is not extraordinary. (Yes, you have no idea how important I think I am). 

I am a situational pessimist and an eternal optimist, knowing that there is going to be sunshine after each rain, a lot of relief following agony and pain.

I am a laughter riot and a weeping mess, realising I’m most alive in these forms, and I’m just human to feel so much.

I am a solid rock with the softest core maintaining a balance between emotion and rationale. 

I am a raging bull and a mewing kitten all bundled up as one; A needy wreck just as I am an independent queen , depending on how my moods swing. 

I am fiercely loyal to and frighteningly dependent on my loved ones. I love without regrets and hate without meaning- I am just who I want to be. 

I am a hopeless sinner and a seeker of my Lord, having faith that He is capable of endless mercy and boundless love.

I am a little bit of you, a lot of me and a lot of you and very little of myself.

I am just a Paradox. Of my own being.

To infinity and back,

Maliha. 🙂